January Meeting – Elections and Books & Gadgets – 1/17/13

Join us for our January meeting on Thursday, January 17th at 7:30pm at Smith Memorial Playground. We will hold Executive Committee elections and also share our favorite beekeeping books and gadgets. If you have not seen the candidate statements for this year’s election, you can view them below.

After the election, we will have a show-and-tell of sorts. Bring your absolute favorite, indispensable beekeeping books so that you can tell us all why the books are so great. If you are so inclined, we can also swap books with each other. You can also bring your favorite beekeeping gadgets to show off, something that’s unique or that just makes your beekeeping experience that much better – special hive tools, home-made smoker, frame jig, whatever – so that you can show us all what we have been missing by not having these gadgets.

Executive Committee Elections – Candidate Statements

Anna Herman – Treasurer – I live and work in the Mt. Airy neighborhood of  Philadelphia.  I have several hives  and nucs in my backyard and other spots around town and  maintain an observation hive and teach about bees at the  Project Learn School.   I am a food business consultant and writer and part time nature studies educator. I also coordinate a large community garden and have planned and planted several edible/pollinator habitat teaching gardens. I am finishing  up a year long term as Secretary of the Exec Committee of this Guild and am running for Treasurer this year. I have lot’s of skills and interests – primarily in the food, agriculture and homesteading crafts.  I also have considerable professional experience with budgets, planning and finance for businesses and not for profit entities.

Tanya Veitch – Secretary –  I am a full time mom and urban homesteader and a part time Registered Nurse in the operating room at Pennsylvania Hospital. I prefer my full time “job”! We keep  a pony, miniature donkey, chickens, a duck, a cat, a dog and various koi at our little urban farm.  I bake all of our bread (which is a surprising amount!) I try to can as much local produce, jam, jelly, etc. as possible over the summer. We also co-own a cow who lives in Abbington. I make cheese, yogurt, and ice cream. I also make soap, lotions, herbal tinctures, lip balms, etc. I love to learn new skills. And juggle it all with being a mom – my most important role. I enjoy that our young daughters already have an appreciation for homemade things, whether that is food or something crafted. I have kept bees since 2010. I started with a nuc from a guy in Jersey. And was instantly terrified and in love. It has been a rocky road since I had to learn as I went (I should have taken a course!). But with lots of friendly beekeepers and support, my girls are doing well so far and we have harvested a nice amount of honey to keep and sell. I currently have two hives, but hope to expand to 4 this Spring. I love the Guild and what it has to offer and I think I am ready to join and add my skills and tenacity to the mix.

Edian Rodriguez – Member Representative – I’m originally from  New York, N.Y. I attended high school outside of Philadelphia and later graduated from The Evergreen State College all the way over in Washington state. I currently live between two places, one in West Philly and another in Media P.A. This back and forth gives me the perfect opportunity to watch my bees flourish in different environments. Ive been working with bees for two years, but have had my own hives for one season only. So far  the experience has been like any relationship with an animal or human. Ups and downs exist but the process of adapting  and figuring out solutions has been rewarding and has fortified my determination to care for these wonderful creatures. I’m currently working on applying to school in order to attain my Masters in Entomology, with a focus in apiculture. With this in mind I feel that along with a great interest and passion for understanding this particular insect I hope to travel around to different Beekeeping meetings and schools in order to establish relationships with other entomologists and bee keepers in our local and “extended” area. Since I would be the Member representative I hope any relationships forged could be used to help educate any members on their endeavors in bee keeping and provide a resource bank for any further inquiry. Im  eager to learn and great at pooling information together in order to create a functional plan in order to tackle a given task. My past experience working in the education field has also given me the ability to share information from varying topics with youth which I think would be a great way of getting the ideas and foci of the guild out to the public.

Amy Hsu – Member Representative – I am a recent transplant to Philly having moved here a little over a year ago. My husband and I just bought our first home, in East Falls, and I plan to keep bees in our backyard and roof. I took the MontCo beginner’s course last year in preparation, but this coming season will be my first year with bees. My professional background has been in nonprofit fundraising, working mostly for public broadcasting and arts organizations. Currently, I’m not working, but rather spending my days cooking, gardening, studying herbs, and working on the house. I also volunteer at the animal shelter and prepare taxes as part of AARP’s tax aide program. I’ve been involved with the Guild over the last year and love it so far. I’d like to focus my efforts on the Executive Committee on learning more about our membership, where we live, who we are, what we’d like to see the Guild do more of going forward.

Suzanne Matlock – President – I live in East Mt. Airy formerly of Germantown, both of which are sections of the City of Philadelphia.  I have been beekeeping along with my husband, Norman, since 2009.  Our hives are in York County (Dillsburg, PA) and Montgomery County (at Arcadia Univ, Glenside PA).  I hope this does not disqualify me from being considered for the office of the President of Philadelphia Beekeepers Guild in 2013. My experience is not long, but I am enthusiastic about helping other people get started in beekeeping and speaking to groups about the experience.  I enjoyed being on the Executive Board of the Philadelphia Beekeepers Guild in 2010, as a member representative, because I could pitch in wherever help was needed.  After two years of that position, I served as VP in 2012.  I have worked on the Philadelphia Honey Festival for three years in a row, so far.  I would like to continue on the Board as President and continue coordinating the Honey Festival. I have planning and organizational skills, some scientific as well as artistic backgrounds, public speaking experience and a history of community volunteerism.

Chad Carnahan – Member Representative – I am originally from North Carolina and graduated from the University of Notre Dame in 1997 with a degree in architecture. After living in Washington DC for a few years, I moved to Philadelphia in 2000 and now live in the Italian Market section of Philadelphia with my wife, Dr. Christina Fuoco, our 5 year old daughter and a couple of cats. I have stepped away from architecture and am currently the Director of Operations of WAG: Whole Animal Gym, a veterinary rehabilitation facility in Philadelphia that my wife and I own and operate. I have kept bees for 2 years now and maintain a couple hives on the roofs of my home,in the Italian Market, as well as a hive in the local garden, Bel Arbor. It has been a long path of beekeeping in just 2 years. I had read and knew a great deal about bees until April 2011, when I received mine, dumped them into a box and realized I didn’t understand anything. I am a licensed architect who brings problem solving, design and project management skills. Desiring knowledge and fellowship from beekeepers, I am excited to devote time and attention assisting the Guild in its mission. I appreciate your consideration for the position of Vice President on the Executive Committee of the Philadelphia Beekeepers Guild.

Don Shump – Vice President, Philadelphia resident, husband and father of two boys. I’m the owner of the Philadelphia Bee Co., specializing in honey production, bee removals and educational outreach. I’m running for the office of President.I got my start in beekeeping more than 6 years ago. I volunteered my time in the Southwark/Queens Village Community Garden managing their apiary that has been with the city for more than a quarter century. The following season I started my own hives in Delaware County. Once I found a location downtown I moved all of my hives within the city limits. Soon after I left my previous job as a web developer to start the Philadelphia Bee Co. I now manage 4 apiaries in Philadelphia. My main yard is in West Philadelphia and consisted of more than 30 hives this year. I still manage bees at the community garden in Queens Village and I’m the head beekeeper at Greensgrow Farms in Kensington. I also have an apiary above Shane’s Confectionary in old city. My company is made up of three parts. We produce honey which we sell to residents and local businesses, including Talula’s Garden, Kennett, Franklin Fountain, and Cookie Confidential. We also handle bee removals throughout the tri-state area. Finally, we offer educational programs and outreach to teach others about the importance of bees and beekeeping. I’ve given talks to schools, libraries and institutions including the Barnes Foundation and will be returning to present on opening day at the Philadelphia Flower Show. I believe that the guild is a vital resource for beekeepers in the region and should be one of Pennsylvania’s strongest beekeeping organizations. My experience as a full time beekeeper, as well as an officer at the SWQV Garden working closely with their president will be a boon for the guild and its members. I’m deeply passionate about bees and beekeeping and it is my hope that I can apply this to the benefit of the Philadelphia Beekeepers Guild.

Abby Fretz – Webmaster and Social Media, I have lived in Philadelphia for over 10 years. My great-grandfather was a beekeeper in neighboring Bucks County and I have always been curious about picking up beekeeping at some point.  Last year, I found out about the bee guild’s one day course on urban beekeeping.  I took the course and found it immensely encouraging.  I immediately started planning my setup and in the Spring started The Ironbee Collective with a friend.  We have three rooftop hives in West Philly. I work as a project manager for an interactive, mobile and web development company in Old City. I would like to continue growing the Guild’s web presence in order to help garner more awareness around urban beekeeping and how the Guild supports beekeeping in the region.


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