Guild Meeting May 16

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL – Meet at 7 pm in the Spring Garden Community Garden for an “open hive” talk.  Our member, Karen Cherubini keeps her bees there and has agreed to let us start the evening by seeing what her bees are up to.  (weather permitting)  Consider bringing your veil.  The Garden is the full city block bounded by 18th and 19th Streets between Wallace Street and North Street, in the Fairmount neighborhood.

Then at 7:30 pm, professional local beekeeper, Robert Krayer will speak about detecting and managing some of the pests that may be lurking inside your hives.  The meeting will be held across the street from the Community Garden at the Lithuanian Church (use the door on 19th Street between Wallace and North Streets).  Click here to see it on a map.

Parking is limited; consider biking, ride-sharing or public transportation.


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