Guild Meeting June 20th

Harvesting Honey is the subject of our next Guild meeting on Thursday, June 20 at 7:30 pm at St. Andrew’s Lithuanian Church on 19th St. one block south of Fairmount. Weather permitting, we will once again “pre-meet” at 7pm and open a hive in the Spring Gardens Community Garden across the street from the church.

The garden is on the east side of 19th St; the church is on the west side of 19th St. To find the hives, enter on the north side of the garden about halfway down the block, turn left and walk until you see the hives on a small raised platform. Come at 7pm to watch a beekeeper find the “ripe” frames of honey and get them free of bees, in order to complete the extraction process. Consider bringing your veil.

Click here to see locations on a map.

Parking is limited; consider biking, ride-sharing or public transportation.


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