Oct. 17, 2013 – 7:30 pm, St. James School

Philly Bee Inspector and  “Inside a Bee-Tree” (a photo-essay)
Location:  St. James School, 3217 West Clearfield St., Philadelphia, 19132

If you registered as a beekeeper with the PA Dept of Agriculture, you may have already met Austin Martin, the SE Pa. Apiary Inspector.  Each year the inspector(s) try to visit as many beekeepers as possible during their temporary employment (you can’t inspect bees in the winter!).  In this way, Austin has become the local expert on how the bees are doing in Philly.  Of course he visits other counties too and is able to compare and contrast what he sees in the country vs. the city.

Come hear of his findings this season, discuss beekeeping problems and potential solutions, meet a  beekeeper you haven’t met, get thinking about next season and how you’ll apply what the bees taught you this year!

Special Treat:  Photo-Journalist Addison Geary documented Don Shump’s removal of the bees from a “bee tree”

Buzz Saw Tree Service (I’m not kidding!) contacted Philadelphia Bee Company (Don Shump) when they encountered a large honey bee hive inside the limb of a tree they were felling.   At Don’s invitation, Addison Geary grabbed the opportunity (and his camera) and went along to document the process.  Addison is a professional photographer whose wife and son are beekeepers in Roxboro.

The result is a photo-essay worthy of publication!  It is our privilege and pleasure to premiere the series of photos at at our October meeting, just after Austin’s talk.

Special Request:
Anyone with time, talent, experience, a calling . . . to locate and/or develop and/or implement a bee-related curriculum for use with the students of St. James School, please contact info@phillybeekeepers.org to express your interest in this pursuit.

You will be invited to a planning meeting with the St. James School science teacher, shortly after the new year.

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