March 20th meeting: Ken Outten on raising “local” bees

ken_outten_speaker_Mar_2014Next monthly Guild meeting on Thursday, March 20, 7:30 p.m., at St. James School.
Delaware beekeeper, Ken Outten (pictured at right), has a small farm where he grows hay for the racehorse industry and strawberries. He started keeping bees “a bunch of years ago” in order to improve his berry crop yield.  Then, a few years ago, he mentally prepared himself to raise queens by reading everything about it he could find.  His ethic was not to sell or give away any of his queens until he could do it consistently well – he found it to be a lot of work!  After a couple years of selling queens to other people, he settled on growing & selling nucleus hives (nucs) as the lower maintenance alternative.
On March 20, Ken will speak to us about how his thinking evolved and perhaps save you some time and headache, if you are thinking of embarking on this process.  In his day job, Ken teaches high school AP/Honors Biology and coaches soccer and wrestling.   Oh yeah and, as if he has any time left over . . . he is the President of the state of Delaware Beekeepers’ Association!!
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