April 2014 Meeting (Presentation)

Click the title of this presentation, to open it –> Increases by CC Miller  Best to view it in Slide Show mode because it’s animated.

This method was adapted from Dr. C. C. Miller’s “50 Years Among the Bees.”  It is my variation on his chapter called “Increasing 9 Weak Colonies to 56.”  I did it this way because I did not have 9 colonies, only 1.  But if you have more than 1 and want to increase, you can do a better job if you follow Dr. Miller’s chapter more closely.  He did it in the year 1899 in a village north of Chicago.

If you read his book, keep in mind the time frame.  He is not necessarily working with all Langstroth hives yet.  They were very expensive and a lot of people were still making their own “box hives.”  So if something doesn’t make sense to you, maybe you are picturing using a modern hive while he might not be using one.

You can download a pdf of the book at http://www.soilandhealth.org/03sov/0302hsted/030208miller/030408miller.pdf

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