May 15 Monthly Meeting

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL – Open Hive Talk 7 pm in the St James School Apiary.  Weather permitting; bring your veil.
The general meeting will begin at 7:30 at St James School.  These monthly meetings are FREE and open to anyone  interested in beekeeping, so come and join us to meet other beekeepers and hear great speakers who are knowledgeable in beekeeping.

This month we welcome Mark Antunes, President of our neighbors the Montgomery County Beekeepers AssociationMark-Antunes-150x150 (MCBA), where his enthusiasm and expertise for beekeeping results in the training of over 60 new beekeepers every year!  Many of the founding members of the Philadelphia Beekeepers Guild began their beekeeping journey under Mark’s mentorship.  True to their motto “Beekeepers Helping Beekeepers,” Mark was extremely supportive of the start-up of the Philadelphia Beekeepers Guild.

Mark will speak to us about MCBA’s program to raise and distribute cold-hearty, mite-resistant queens to their members at an affordable cost.  Those who receive the queens are requested to keep data on her performance.  Citizen Science at its finest!  He will make sure there is plenty for the new beekeeper to consider; every beekeeper in the area is essential to the success of the program.  Afterwards, we will discuss the potential to begin such a program in Philadelphia next year, pooling data that will be compatible with MCBA’s.

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