20 Nov 2014 – Business Meeting

In order for the Guild to operate as a well-oiled machine (or a stoked smoker!), members rotate onto and off of an Executive Board.  The remaining members do their best to take part in the vote, which satisfies our requirements as a not-for-profit entity in the Commonwealth of PA.

Two important votes at the next meeting will position us to become a 501C3 – FEDERAL non-profit.
1) Slate of officers – click each name below, to read the Candidate Statements
Don Shump (Pres.)
Dave Harrod (Vice Pres)
Amy Hsu (Treasurer)
Russ Alexander (Secretary)
Leah Troiano (Info Coordinator)

Member Representatives:  Wynn Geary (Social Media Coordinator), Mike Gonzales (Newsletter), Austin MartinKaren Cherubini, Norris Childs, Suzanne Matlock (Past President)

2) Constitution & Bylaws – click here to read them *INPUT REQUESTED ON THIS DRAFT*

Even though the Bylaws are not officially approved by you, the members, we are acting in the spirit of the bylaws by providing the information that is the subject of the voting ONE MONTH in advance of the meeting.  On 20-Nov-2014, we will vote on these two important topics.  And then we will have our usual beekeeper educational session.

Thank you in advance for participating in the important practice of voting.  Oh, yeah, don’t forget there’s another election on Nov. 4th!!

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October Guild Meeting

f971b3e5-4b5c-45b0-a98d-ff60b47fbd27Thursday, October 16, 7:30 pm at St. James School

Overwintering techniques with Keith Jardine

Winter is right around the corner, are you wondering how to prepare the hives to make it through?   Come and hear Keith Jardine discuss overwintering techniques on Thursday, October 16, 7:30 pm at St. James School.  Keith started beekeeping in 1976 when a swarm arrived in his yard in South Africa.  By the time he was 16, Keith had over 17 hives.  Keith, who grew up with Africanized bees is now local to Philadelphia and shares beekeeping experience from both hemispheres.  Keith Jardine is also the President of Chester County Beekeepers Association.

Philadelphia Beekeepers Guild meetings are free and open to anyone.  As the sun goes down at 6:30 these days, we do not expect to hold an open hive talk again until spring.

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18 September – Montco Beekeepers Meeting

Since the Honey Fest was our September meeting, you may want to get out to Montgomery County Beekeeper’s Association (MCBA) meeting on Thursday, September 18. 7 pm at the Skippack 4-H Center.  1015 Bridge Rd., Collegeville, PA 19426

The presentation is by Walter Sheppard, Professor and Chair, Department of Entomology, Washington State University (WSU).  In 2008, the WSU honey bee program began overseas collection and importation of semen from three European honey bee subspecies, Apis mellifera carnica (Carniolan), A. m. caucasica (Caucasian) and A. m. ligustica (Italian)under permit from USDA-APHIS Starting in 2011, the cryopreserved semen was used for backcrossing and further enhancement of the proportion of Old World parentage of US honey bee stock.  WSU now distributes Carniolan, Caucasian and Italian breeder queens that have approximately 75% genetic origin from Old World sources.

MCBA is holding a Bee-Fit 5K at Pottstown’s Riverfront Park on Sunday, Oct. 5 to support their programs.  For details about the 5K, click here.

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September 5 – 7 = Guild “Meeting” = HONEY FEST!

GRID AD 2014

Thanks to the participation of many of our members and friends, the 5th Annual Philadelphia Honey Festival will take place this coming weekend, September 5 – 7.  Our venues are Wagner Free Institute (Fri), Wyck Historic House (Sat) and Bartram’s Garden (Sun).  The full schedules of events at the three partnering venues may be found at phillyhoneyfest.com

We are especially proud of our Young Beekeepers Panel, four people under the age of 18 who will describe their experiences as beekeepers.  Meet Evelyn Feldman, Sophia Troiano, Murad Brundage, Tyriq Peterson on Saturday at Wyck and see beekeeping from a fresh young perspective!

Our partners at Wagner Free Institute, Wyck , and Bartram’s Garden join me in THANKING those of you who volunteered your time and talents to pull off a fantastic public awareness event on behalf of the bees.


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Aug 31, 2014 “Bees at the Bar”: Tatooed Mom’s

beebeard WynnDon Shump, 
Philadelphia Bee Co. will give a sneak preview of the Philly Honey Festival on August 31, 2014 at Tatooed Mom’s (a bar on South St) A BEE BEARD WILL OCCUR ~7pm Serving a signature cocktail: Honey Amor (a Manhattan with honey ginger syrup and bullet rye whiskey). Be there or be square!

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Aug 21 Guild Meeting (3rd Thurs)

Chris Kohl of Sweet Valley Hives will discuss the Warre hive design and more specifically the modifications he’s made so it can be “legal” (inspectable).    Meet at St. James School ,3217 Clearfield St., Philly, 19132.  Starts at 7:30 pm

Early Bird Special:  Austin Martin, our state apiary inspector, will conduct an official inspection on our apiary.  This will show you the value of getting your hives registered, as Austin will give feedback on the condition of the hives, in writing, as well as take samples of bees for testing if warranted.  Starts at 6:45 pm  (bring your own veil) I guess that’s BYOV


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Aug 9 PA State Beekeepers Picnic

This year’s Pennsylvania State Beekeepers Association (PSBA) Picnic will be held on Saturday, August 9th at the Wade Fisher Bee Farm, 3950 Ferguson Valley Road, McVeytown, Pa. 17051.

(This is a rare chance to tour one of the few commercial beekeeping operations in PA; about 3 hours drive west from Philly, Directions available HERE )  There will be a QUEEN SWAP (see image below) and “Scoring Hives” will be demonstrated for those into queen rearing.

General gathering at noon, with lunch to follow at 1:00.  The hosts are planning to roast a pig and will provide all paper products (plates/cutlery/napkins etc.). All guests are asked to bring a side dish/desert or drink to share and their own lawn chairs.

The location features the primary apiary and honey extraction facility for the Fisher’s, a small zoo with various animals, and a creek for cooling off. . New PSBA 110th Anniversary T-Shirts will be available.

Trade your queen

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