Answer to the “Bee Talk” Puzzler

The little girl’s homework papers have a star at the top!  If you draw a five-pointed star, just like your third-grade teacher put on your papers, and you put a tree at every intersection point and a tree at every vertex… You end up with 10 trees, right?
Five rows of four trees each.


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Oct. 17, 2013 – 7:30 pm, St. James School

Philly Bee Inspector and  “Inside a Bee-Tree” (a photo-essay)
Location:  St. James School, 3217 West Clearfield St., Philadelphia, 19132

If you registered as a beekeeper with the PA Dept of Agriculture, you may have already met Austin Martin, the SE Pa. Apiary Inspector.  Each year the inspector(s) try to visit as many beekeepers as possible during their temporary employment (you can’t inspect bees in the winter!).  In this way, Austin has become the local expert on how the bees are doing in Philly.  Of course he visits other counties too and is able to compare and contrast what he sees in the country vs. the city. Continue reading

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2013_Sepia_WithNames (2)The Philadelphia Beekeepers Guild is proud to present the 2013 Philadelphia Honey Festival in conjunction with its partners:

IT’S SO BIG IT HAS ITS VERY OWN WEBSITE – PLEASE VISIT WWW.PHILLYHONEYFEST.COM for all the details for each venue . . . including the times for the BEE BEARD demonstration!

We welcome you to consider sponsoring, vending or volunteering in 2013.
(Click one of these 3 words to find out more!)
Questions may be directed to


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Official Guild T-shirts are IN!

shirt back zoom shirt front zoomIt’s been on our five-year plan for, let’s see, about 4 years now!  The Guild T-shirt has finally come to the top of the list!  Photos show front and back of shirt.
Sizes available now are men’s M, L, XL & 2X; women’s M & L   If you have other needs, let us know in time for our next order.

Cost is $15 for members; $20 for non-members.  May be picked up at WellPoint Oriental Medicine WITH PRIOR ARRANGEMENT.  (No drop-ins please!) 
Email to arrange a pick up time.


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August 10 – Urban “Hive Crawl”

close up map 2013 Urban Hive Crawl-6Also known as our Annual Apiary Tour, the Philly Beekeepers are inviting you to drop in on a hive or two or three on the morning of Aug10 before you continue on out to the PA State Beekeepers Picnic.

At 9 am, start up high at point A (rooftop hives) OR stay on the ground at point B (backyard hives).  After that, choose your own adventure!   Points C, D, E, & F are open at 10 am.  Points G, H, I & J are open at 11 am.  Point K is the Picnic at Morris Arboretum where hives are open at 2 pm.   You will see historic sites where bees are kept:  Woodford Mansion, Strawberry Mansion, Grumblethorpe, Wyck Historic House, Morris Arboretum.

Events are FREE and FUN and EDUCATIONAL and EPIC!   Continue reading

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August 5-9, 2013 EAS Short Course and Conference!

The Eastern Apicultural Society Conference starts in 3 days!
It’s a rare opportunity that the EAS annual conference is held this close to Philadelphia, in West Chester PA.  A lot of folks are going and we encourage you to use our Facebook page to set up carpools with each other.  More details about the conference and Continue reading
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Guild Meeting – July 20 Picnic with Families & Friends

Saturday July 20, 2013 from 2-6 pm

UPDATE: Bring a blanket or folding chair(s).  Kids may want to wear a bathing suit and bring a towel to do slip and slide and kid pool.

The Veitch family will host the event at their urban homestead in East Falls.  This event is POT LUCK – please email Tanya Veitch to let her know what you will bring (use Continue reading

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