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Beekeeping Supplies – Group Order

The Philadelphia Beekeepers Guild is offering members a chance to order woodenware & other gear collectively to save on shipping.   Here’s how it works:


You will need to place your order directly with Isaac "Ike" Zook of Forest Hill Woodworking by MARCH 3                   (See his price list here:  2014 Price List Forest Hill -Ike Zook). You will pay Ike directly (he must receive payment on or before the date the Guild picks up the orders.)

 Once you have paid Ike, Email Tanya Veitch ( a list of the things you ordered so she can make sure it's all received, with “FOREST HILL ORDER” in the subject line for her convenience. Tanya will make sure the orders are picked up from Ike's by Mar 6 or so.  Exact time TBD - Tanya will let us know when/where to pick up our orders.

The Guild will cover the cost of delivery from Lancaster to Philadelphia.  You can easily save $25 of shipping costs if you are buying two hives, thus making your MEMBER DUES WELL WORTHWHILE! Individual members may choose to combine their orders to take advantage of additional discounts on quantity pricing (see catalog).

Connect with other members on...

Facebook page

 Facebook Group


or by making your own plans with a beekeeping friend.  If you have any questions, contact  again, with "FOREST HILL ORDER" in the subject line for Tanya's convenience.

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